MSE 102  Materials Science and Engineering Orientation 

 (2016-2017 Spring)



Assist. Prof. Dr. Şeniz Kuşhan Akın, Materials Science and Engineering Dept. NB-17, e-mail:


Emre Yılmaz, Materials Science and Engineering Dept. Room: NC-08, e-mail:


Monday 15:20-17:10


MSE 102 Materials Science and Engineering Orientation is a two-credit course presents a culturally relevant, contemporary and historical account of the applied science of materials. It is constructed around three major, interrelated themes:

  • Historical and worldwide account of the development of materials' cultures and technologies, beginning in the Old Stone Age.
  • A modern account of the applied science of materials, which is the application of basic physics and chemistry to the world around us.
  • A discussion of the relationship among the processing (creation) of a material, its consequent structure (from the atomic to the macroscopic), its attendant properties (e.g., mechanical, physical, and chemical), and its performance in a given application.

TEXTBOOK and Reference BOOKS

  • Mainly lecture notes and handouts given by the instructor
  • Paul R. Howell, “Earth, Air, Fire & Water: Elements of Materials Science”, Pearson Custom Publishing, 2nd edition, 2005 or Kendall Hunt Publishing, 1st edition, 2012.



Homework Assignments & Term Project 60%
Final 40%






Minimum of 70 % attendance in class are mandatory.